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Баннер Белья

March 13-16, 2018, Pav. 75

Международный салон белья Salon OF LINGERIE




• Knitwear lingerie

•Swimwear, beach wear, accessories





Salon of Lingerie is the platform that unites all the participants of the market of lingerie, hosiery and beach fashion, allowing them to set up contacts with potential partners, specialists, colleagues and to reinforce their collaboration.


One of the most important events in the lingerie segment of the Russian textile industry.

The Salon is visited by large wholesale companies, specialized trade companies (shops, supermarkets) from Russia, CIS and abroad.

The Salon presents all price categories, as well as the most recent innovations of lingerie fashion and accessories. 


168 companies from 9 countries participated in International Salon of Lingerie. Brands: ALLES, Afrodite, Anais, Andalea, Angela Never Sin, AVA, Chilirose, Dobranocka, Exellent Beauty, Hamana, Julimex, La Note Rouge, Linea, LivCo Corsetti, LORIN, Lupo Line, MIOCCHI, Miorre, NBB, NIPPLEX, Obsessive, Pari, Pile-Julimwx, Riviera, SEVIM, Violana. FABA, Miduo, Acousma, Anna, Couerjoir, Balaloum, Venus, Doirella, Airidaco, Fute, Manzi, Dover, ESS Vena, Milavitsa, Elita, Ilike, Glora Lingerie LUI et ELLE, TEATRO, ТМ Cascatto, ТМ DONELLA Mia Mella, Mia-Amore, Mia and Mia, Mia Sofia, Viva Diva Magistral, Paloma, Rebecca, Sunflair, Pinkiss, Bahama Elli Dolli, Monti Liv'eri, Brassi, Belweiss for you.





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