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The 48th Federal Trade Fair TEXTILLEGPROM, Russia and CIS’s largest textile and apparel exhibition, took place at the 69th and 75th pavilions of the VDNKh Exhibition Center in Moscow from February 14 till 17, 2017,  and traditionally proved successful. 

Organized by: Textilexpo JSC, Roslegprom PJSC, and RLP-Yarmarka LLC
Under the patronage of: The CCI of Russia, the CCI of Moscow

Officially supported by: The Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, the Russian Economic Development Ministry, the Moscow city government, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Russian Union of Commodity Producers, the Russian Union of Clothing Manufacturers, the Association of Children’s Goods Industry

Together with: VDNKh SJSC, Interopttorg JSC

For almost 25 years, the Federal Trade Fair Textillegprom has been a leading textile and apparel show both in Russia and Eastern Europe:

- the total exhibition space stood at 40,000 square meters;

- 1,997 companies from 28 countries participated in the Fair.

- Some 82% of the participants were Russian companies, which proved that the Federal Trade Fairs Textillegprom always accomplished their principal mission – to support and to promote Russian manufacturers and, by doing so, to assist in the substitution of imports in the textile and light industries.

- According to the registration data, 34,132 specialists visited nine theme Salons of the Fair, each of which constituted a leading show in its segment presenting domestic and foreign textile and apparel market majors.

The 48th Federal Trade Fair Textillegprom also demonstrated national collective expositions of Armenia, Belarus, India, China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan.


The Apparel Textile Salon drew 352 companies from 12 countries, such as WELLTEX, Gamma - Sewing Accessories, GalaPolygraph, Damskoye Shchastye, VESCO LLC, ULTRATEX Company, Baltex LLC, BelMEH LLC,  Detskaya Odezhda LLC, Protextile LLC, Raduga Textile, Solstudio LLC, Volentex Textile Company, UNSEN LLC,  ACM s.r.l., CIELLEGI s.r.l., ERSAT TEKSTIL SAN. TIC. LTD. STI., ISIKSOY TEKSTIL A.S., AKOB DIETZ «DIWITEX, LENTA, LTD, OZEL TEKSTIL INS. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI, RESTYLE SIA and many others.


The Technical Textile and Raw Materials Salon presented 87 companies from ten countries, including such majors as BTK Textile LLC, ZAVOLZHSKY PIGMENT Group, All World Nonwoven Materials Factory LLC, Ruchaika Kobrin Spinning and Weaving Mill JSC, Komitex JSC, NPF CEMESS, Mogilevkhimvolokno JSC, SvetlogorskKhimvolokno JSC, Kurskkhimvolokno LLC, Logokhim LLC, Melange Textile Trade House LLC, Ruskhimvolokno, AUXICOLOR S.L., BA SPECIAL Chem, DELTAPRINT TEKSTIL BOYA SAN. VE TIC. A.S., ERKA KIMYA VE TEKSTIL SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.,  EUROTEXFILATI SRL, INTRAROS, Vineet Polyfab Private Limited, WIDEPLUS, ZHONGTAI DANGARA SIN SILU TEXTILE INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd, and others.


The Home Textile Salon featured 105 companies from 11 countries. In addition to such leaders as Trekhgornaya Manufaktura JSC, Vyshnevolotsky Cotton Mill LLC, Softtex LLC, Union of Textile Companies, and Uzor PJSC, the Salon witnessed premieres of Seltex Sewing Factory, Barkas-Tex LLC, TM KATO and Silk City LLC. Acclaimed Russian and foreign brands - Aroma, Boyartex, Luxor, Marka Marko, Pandora, Khlopkovy Rai, Arlet, Buddemeyer S.A., GobiT, Iris, Irya, Incalpaca, Lanalita, Sailid, Smoon, ThermoFit, Valtery and WoolHouse – also participated in the Salon.


The Lingerie Salon had 84 participating companies from nine countries, among them Imperia Belya LLC, TM PANTELEMONE, TM MELADO, ТМ T-SOD, ТМ CLEO, MARIPOSA, The Woman, Salvador Dali, DoniElla LLC, Albina L and JESSICA, which presented celebrated lingerie brands JESSICA, COMFORT, ТМ The Cave,  Futujama, ТМ Lise Marie, Fajishi, Bretele, Lora Iris, Weiyesi,  MARIPOSA, ТМ  T-SOD, TM MELADO, ТМ PENTI, SEVIM, JOHN FRANK, DOREA, UCS, ROLY POLY, BUONUMARE, PERA MAYA, BIMBETTA, ТМ PANTELEMONE, Salvador Dali, ТМ CLEO, ТМ FABA, Miduo, Acousma, Anna, Couerjoir, Balaloum, Venus, Doirella, Airidaco and Albina L.

knitwear polotno

The Federal Trade Fair Textillegprom has launched a new Salon, the Salon of Knitted Fabrics, featuring 43 companies from five countries, among them ТМ MADIYO DEKNA, Sim Textile LLC, UNTEKS, UZTEX Group, MODNY TEXTILE LLC, UNIVERSAL LTD LLC, FITEX GROUP, SAVITEX, ARMEN IPLIK ORME TEKSTIL SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI., OZCANLAR TEKSTIL (SALIK TEXTILE LLC), AKDEM TEKSTIL SAN. TIC. LTD. STI., Platin Textile, and many others.


The Salon of Knitwear had 304 participating companies from 15 countries, including such acclaimed participants as the Sakton Izhevsk knitting factory, Svitanak JSC, Grand Factory, TPF Sharkan Knitwear JSC, Hosiery and Knitting Factory LLC, Modellini, The Lika Dress Ivanovo Knitting Factory, AKOS TEX LLC and many others. More than 350 knitwear brands, among them ТМ НОВВУ LINE, ТМ N.O.A, ТМ GRIOL, ТМ Grinston, Sergio di Calze, Dr. Feet, ТМ Artessa,  ТМ ALMIVA, ТМ KVINTO, ТМ Violetta, ТМ Liberty and ТМ DIZOLI, were presented.


The Children’s Salon saw 52 exhbitors from seven countries, such as AnyKids®, Elcom LLC, Ivashka.ru Trade Mark, Tigr Company LLC, Trendyco kids, Margot Bis, ТМ BONITO KIDS, Centrum LLC, Stilyazh, IriAn LLC, and lots of others.


The Salon of Garment & Accessories presented 328 companies from 14 countries and over 300 Russian and foreign brands, including Fashion House, Indiano Spain, Donna Saggia, Greg Horman, Nino Pacoli, Biriz Tekstil, Hass, Nicolo Angi and BF collection.


The International Salon of Textile and Light Industry Machinery and Technologies (Textillegmash) had 67 exhibitors demonstrating products of 116 Russian and foreign companies from 15 countries, both leaders (KNIT Group, Shveyimash Company, WELLES Group, TransMetall LLC, Rolltex LLC, Geran Lux LLC and  LONATI s.p.a. (Italy)) and newcomers (Textile Market LLC, SANTONI s.p.a.  (Italy), Camelia Print LLC and PollyPrint LLC).


A key event of the Fair’s business program, prepared in accordance with the interests and wishes of the participants, was a roundtable titled ‘Professional Labor Force in the Russian Light Industry: Problems and Solutions. Business Needs’ and organized by Textilexpo JSC and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia. The debate involved owners and top managers of large Russian brands and industrial companies - Bosco Mills, Stayer Group, Grand Hosiery and Knitting Factory, Malyugin Mills and Textile Design Sol Studio – as well as heads of vocational and higher education schools – Kosygin Moscow State University of Design and Technology, Moscow Technological School No 24, Fashion Factory School, the ROST Center of Young Design Entrepreneurs, in addition to representatives of the Young Professionals Union (Worldskills Russia), the Kuntsevo Techno-Park, Russian Outdoor Group, the Federal Penitentiary Service’s department in the Komi republic, and leading professional fashion media outlets.

The roundtable yielded a resolution to be submitted to the Education and Science Ministry and education departments of the Russian and Moscow city governments.

See a detailed roundtable report at www.textilexpo.ru in the business program section.

Traditionally, the business program included professional contests with ANO Soyuzexpertiza experts as a professional jury.

ТЕКСТИЛЬЛЕГПРОМThe 8th all-Russia textile and apparel contest, Made in Russia, was held on the fair’s sidelines in the following categories: technical textiles, yarn, threads, home textiles, clothes, knitwear, lingerie and children’s goods. Twelve Russian companies were declared winners and laureates and received badges of honor and special diplomas to certify the high quality of their products.

See the full list of commended enterprises at www.textilexpo.ru in the business program section.

Domestic manufacturers, which had been participating in Textilelegprom fairs for years and had constantly demonstrated quality products, were decorated with badges of honor ‘For Large Contribution to the Formation of the Domestic Commodity Market’. These are Gamma TD JSC from Moscow, TOP LLC (Grand Hosiery and Knitting Factory) from the town of Losino-Petrovsky in the Moscow region, Melange Textile Trade House LLC from the town of Kokhma in the Ivanovo region, Marka Marko LLC from Moscow, UZOR PJSC from the town of Vyritsa in the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region, and WELLES Group from Moscow.

ТЕКСТИЛЬЛЕГПРОМBadges of honor ‘For Achievements in the Textile and Light Industry’ were granted to heads of the leading domestic enterprises: Ivanovo Softtex LLC General Director Gherman Pyzhyanov, UZOR PJSC President Ivan Kozlov, and deputy head of Ivanovo Melange Textile Trade House LLC finishing department Alexey Starenkov.

More than 50 printed and online media outlets provided media support to the 48th Federal Trade Fair Textillegprom, which also enjoyed information and advertising resources of 15 Russian regional exhibition centers – partners of Textilexpo JSC.

Questionnaires filled by exhibitors and visitors showed that 98% of the participants were satisfied with their performance at the fair, and 92% confirmed their intention to partake in the 49th fair.





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