The standard equipped booth is made by the Organizer using the exhibition "constructor's kit" according to the design agreed with the participant. The Organizer reserves the right to add additional fasteners to the booth design, not foreseen by the layout.

The cost of unused items from standard booth construction are not compensated; it cannot be replaced with other equipment.

If the construction of your stand differs from the standard booth, then you need to draw a scheme of your stand according to Appendix No. 1 to the Agreement and send the scheme to the Organizer, arranging the walls and furniture at your own discretion (based on the agreed size of the area, as well as the list of proposed equipment in Appendix No. 2 to the Agreement).

The Participant guarantees the return of equipment without defects and damages that may occur during the Fair. All components of the booth design and additional equipment must be returned at the end of the exhibition cleared of adhesive tape residues. The Participant is liable for any damage caused to the booth structures and additional equipment in the amount of its market value.

The configuration and equipment of a standard booth can be viewed or on the pages of this Guide.

Standard stand construction (typical stands)

Stand equipmert (photo)

Self-arrangement of stands  (check the rules, assembly / disassembly)